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Conditions & Illnesses


EQUINE ATYPICAL MYOPATHY Equine atypical myopathy (EAM) is a serious potentially life threatening condition caused by eating Sycamore seeds or possibly leaves. Incidences tend to

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Equine Respiratory Endoscopy & Gastroscopy
Advice & Tips


WHY? Colts are generally castrated for ease of management. The main concern in any scenario is the risk of unwanted coverings, resulting in the pregnancy

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Alternative Therapy

Acupuncture Case Study

ACUPUNCTURE CASE:  MUSCLE RUPTURE AND NERVE DAMAGE This 6 year-old polo pony was presented to us with a very severe left hind lameness. She was

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fran accupuncture
Alternative Therapy


EQUINE ACUPUNCTURE Shotter & Byers believes in the use of combined modern Western medicine and Acupunture as a traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the purpose

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