Equine metabolic syndrome
Horse Care

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

What is Equine Metabolic Syndrome Equine metabolic syndrome can be defined as a collection of risk factors that are associated with an increased susceptibility to

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x-rays scanning
Accident & Emergency Care

Digital Radiography – X-RAYS

Digital Radiography At Shotter & Byers we are proud to own five top of the line wireless Eklin digital x-ray machines.  These allow us to

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Horse Health

Diagnosing Lameness

Diagnosing Lameness All cases of lames are different but this post gives a general breakdown of some of the steps that may go into a

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Chronic grass sickness
Accident & Emergency Care


Colic Most horses will suffer from colic at some point in their lives. There are a huge number of possible causes for colic and they

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choke white horse
Accident & Emergency Care

Choke – Oesophageal Obstruction

Choke – oesophageal obstruction What is choke? The term choke can be misleading. Choke in horses refers to an obstruction of the oesophagus, not the

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