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Veterinary Services

When specialist treatment and/or emergency treatment is required, we will refer your horse to one of our recommended Equine Hospitals that we know and trust, where we send many of our Patients.

Why might my horse need referring?

If for example, your horse needs emergency colic surgery or your horse requires a surgical procedure in a hospital environment, we will always advise you of the referral options available and assist you in making the best decision. Once you have instructed us on your preferred option, we will make the referral process a smooth and stress-free experience. We will liaise with the hospital in a prompt and efficient manner and keep you informed throughout.

You will be informed, in advance, where your horse needs to be to allow you enough time to make the necessary transport arrangements.

If you require further referral information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Support Team on 01306 627706.

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