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Tendon Injury Specialists

We have some of the most experienced tendon injury Vets in the UK working in our practice.  Whether it is a tendon injury from racing, polo, eventing or just out on a hack, we are able to help and advise.

With Tendon Injuries being one of the most common horse injuries we are able to diagnose using our scanning equipment and provide you with helpful and meaningful advice at every stage of your horses recovery.  

Treatment Plan

Tendon injuries are always tricky to treat as the horse may well require box rest for some time which we appreciate can be difficult for any horse to deal with.  We are always at the end of the phone if you need help with dealing with this or advice on other ways to manage to healing process.

Accredited Lipogems Equine Vet: Our vet Murray Shotter.

Lipogems® Equine treatment is only available through fully trained, authorised and accredited veterinary surgeons. Lipogems® Veterinary is a complicated procedure which can have serious consequences for your animal if it is not performed by a correctly trained veterinary surgeon. Our vet, Murrary Shotter has been thoroughly assessed and trained by the Lipogems® Equine team so can offer treatment involving Lipogems® technology.

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