Conditions & Illnesses

Penetrating Wounds of the Foot

Penetrating wounds of the horse’s hoof are quite common with farrier nails and joinery screws being the most frequent cause. When a sharp object has

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Advice & Tips

Exporting Your Horse

Whether you are off for a race in Dubai, eventing in Kentucky or simply moving home to France, we can help you every step of

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Horse Care


Controlling Parasites in your Horses There are three groups of internal parasite which can damage the gut and cause disease in the horse. The information

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Accident & Emergency Care

Grass Sickness

Clinical signs are attributable mainly to stasis of the entire alimentary tract, and include depression, inability to swallow, lack of appetite, gastrointestinal distension and impaction,

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Advice & Tips

Horse Vaccines: When and Why

We recommend that all horses are vaccinated to protect against Tetanus, Influenza, and the Herpes Virus. Below is a brief description of the diseases and

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