BVetmed MRCVS Phoebe Parker

BVetmed CertAVP (EL) (VDI) PgCert VPS MRCVS

Phoebe Parker

Phoebe qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, whilst studying she undertook externships at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky and at Bell Equine Clinic in Kent. After graduating Phoebe travelled to Argentina to follow her passion for polo, by playing alongside the Argentine players, and also grooming and handling the foals.

She then spent 18 months working at an Equine Practice in Dorset, in which she was participating in all areas of first opinion veterinary work, and in patient care at the clinic. Then she went on to undertake an internship at LEH. During her time here she was caring for in patients care and anaesthesia, as well as working up cases with the medical team. Phoebe joined Shotter & Byers in May 2016 and enjoys all aspects of equine practice predominantly geriatric medicine and wound therapy.




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