BVSc MRCVS Murray Shotter

BVSc MRCVS (Partner)

Murray Shotter

After graduating in 1987 from Massey University in New Zealand, Murray worked in several mixed animal practices before taking a position in an equine practice in Wellington.

From there, Murray travelled to the UK to concentrate on Equine Sports Medicine before setting up Shotter & Byers Equine Veterinary Services with Michael Byers. Murray specialises in sports medicine orthopaedic work and performance horses, in particular, competitive polo ponies.

Accredited Lipogems Equine Vet

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Lipogems® Equine treatment is only available through fully trained, authorised and accredited veterinary surgeons. Lipogems® Veterinary is a complicated procedure which can have serious consequences for your animal if it is not performed by a correctly trained veterinary surgeon. Our vet, Murrary Shotter has been thoroughly assessed and trained by the Lipogems® Equine team so can offer treatment involving Lipogems® technology.




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