Reproduction Services

Whether you are considering breeding from your mare for the first time or are an experienced stud manager, Shotter & Byers can provide pragmatic and tailored reproductive services. Our stud vets provide services for a large number of breeding operations as well as to individual clients. We have several packages available to help keep costs down and are always available on the phone for advice.

Putting a Mare in Foal  – The Process

This process requires several steps:

  • The mare will require a pre-breeding examination to look for any obvious issues that may prevent breeding including a ultrasonographic examination of her reproductive tract;
  • Laboratory tests for disease are usually required at this initial stage;
  • Stallion selection is important and the method of insemination chosen;
  • Before insemination, regular ultrasound scans will be needed to assess the mares position in the reproductive cycle. Timing is crucial and several scans may be needed to ensure the mare is inseminated at the correct time.
  • Select your AI and semen provider and make sure they can courier semen at the appropriate time and potentially on short notice and/or at weekends;
  • Make sure you have budgeted correctly for semen, veterinary fees and stud fees;


As well as breeding from your mare, Shotter & Byers can also offer you high quality veterinary services when the foal arrives. Foaling a mare for the first time and looking after a newborn foal can be very daunting and we advise making preparations well in advance.

When foaling is approaching make sure that you have spoken to experienced professionals in the field as well as to your vet.  Consider whether or not you are happy to keep your mare at home, in a livery yard or whether you would prefer to use the services of a stud.  We operate at a number of stud farms around the UK and in Kent / Surrey, please telephone us to discuss.  If using a stud farm for foaling, make sure you book in with them well in advance. If considering foaling at home, consider what might happen in an emergency, do you have someone experienced around who can help?  Will you use a foaling alarm and/or CCTV to monitor the mare?

During the day we have vets in most areas with tracking equipment installed to allow minimum response times. Out of normal working hours we have two vets on call to respond if an emergency does occur. If there is any concern about the foaling or if you prefer the reassurance, please let the office know of expected foaling’s so the duty vet can be made aware in case they are required. If you suspect a problem please call us as soon as possible as time is a critical factor

Artificial Insemination

We are able to perform artificial insemination using fresh, chilled or frozen semen. This will need to be decided well in advance of breeding so that preparations can be made and timings considered. Make sure your semen provider can cater to your needs at short notice.

Hormones can be used to control and change the reproductive cycle to make successful fertilisation more likely. The cost of scans can be expensive so to make it cost effective we have put together a reproductive package – please ask for more information.

Meet ourTEAM

Marieke Schildkamp

Marieke graduated from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Whilst studying she competed internationally at Student Riding Nations Cups, representing The Netherlands at two World University Equestrian Championships in Sang-Ju (South Korea) and Aachen (Germany). After graduating she went on to complete an equine internship at one of New Zealand’s most prestigious equine hospitals. Her main duties included imaging, anaesthesia and daily care of the inpatients. During the internship Marieke developed a strong interest in orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging. She also spend a breeding season in Scone, the horse capital of Australia, gaining experience in all aspects of stud medicine. In 2015 Marieke made the move to the U.K. starting a job in Bristol, where she saw a high case load of racing thoroughbred work, in particular horses suffering with upper airway disease. From there she moved to Lambourn, again focusing on the racing industry before joining Shotter and Byers.

Marieke is a qualified FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarian.

During her free time Marieke enjoys fencing and acrobatics as well as going to the races, horse trials and polo tournaments.


We’d be happy to talk to you if you need advice regarding any horse, related problem or requirement you have, or if you would like more information about any of our services.


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