In an Emergency, Urgent Care for your Horse is Our Priority

Shotter & Byers can provide immediate care and emergency treatment on the yard. All of the vet’s vehicles have trackers installed so we can divert the closest vet to you in the event of an emergency, in addition all our vets are available to talk to through any issues that arise on the telephone.

In the event of an emergency when you believe your horse will require treatment please call the office number. The office staff are mainly all horse owners with significant experience taking emergency calls. Unfortunately they cannot offer you veterinary advice over the phone but will be able to advise you when we can get a vet out to you.

The Process

Shortly after speaking with the office staff, you may receive a call from the vet to advise you how to best provide first aid to your horse and also to triage your case. In order to provide the best service to all of our clients we will ascertain the nature of your horses problem and work out how and when we can get a vet to you.

In the event of a significant emergency we will be able to get the closest vet to come out to you immediately. All of our vets carry equipment for a huge number of emergencies including significant trauma, colic in a horse, factures, foaling, etc. In addition they have equipment to administer emergency treatment such as fluid therapy.

If surgical treatment is required, for example surgical treatment of colic, we will refer your horse to the best surgeons possible and equine vet hospitals, with whom we work with very closely.

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We’d be happy to talk to you if you need advice regarding any horse, related problem or requirement you have, or if you would like more information about any of our services.


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